Neuropathy Clinic, Winston-Salem, NC

We always take special care to provide individualized treatment plans.

Neuropathy Clinic in Winston-Salem, NC
When you see us at Complete Rehab because you need relief from neuropathy symptoms, you’ll be impressed not only with our neuropathy clinic, but also our specialized team. We are committed to providing you with quality treatment options that help you heal your body rather than cover up the symptoms you are experiencing. Our ultimate goal is to provide you with lasting relief that helps you enjoy a better quality of life in Winston-Salem, North Carolina.

At our neuropathy clinic, we always take special care to provide individualized treatment plans because we know every person experiences neuropathy differently. Whether you have sustained an injury, are fighting infection, or are dealing with diabetic neuropathy, we can work to determine the root cause of the problem and provide a treatment plan that works for you. Sometimes that means a dietary or lifestyle change, or another focused treatment method that helps you reach your goals.

Complete Rehab and Neuropathy

While many physicians will prescribe medications or generic exercises that only provide temporary relief, our focus is to provide treatments that resolve the issue. We also want to ensure that your nerves can heal and work to their fullest extent for everyday activities.

The good news is that neuropathy doesn’t have to ruin your life, and with the help of our therapists at the Complete Rehab neuropathy clinic, you will be able to enjoy life more fully. Contact us today for more information about our neuropathy clinic and to schedule a consultation with us. We look forward to serving you!

At Complete Rehab, our neuropathy clinic serves patients from Clemmons, Winston-Salem, Greensboro, High Point, Charlotte, Concord, Mooresville, Lewisville, Salisbury, Lexington, Forsyth, Davie, Davidson, Yadkin, Guilford, Wilkes, Surry, and Iredell Counties, North Carolina.