5 Signs You’re Experiencing Neuropathic Pain

Are you experiencing pain in your hands, feet, arms or legs that is currently unexplained? While there may be numerous medical conditions causing your pain, there is a strong possibility that it is happening as a result of neuropathy, or nerve damage. Nearly 25-30% of Americans are affected by neuropathy. It can affect people of all ages and fitness levels. While diabetic neuropathy may be the most commonly known, there are many different types of neuropathy. Here are a few clues that your pain may be neuropathic pain:

1.  Your pain has come on gradually after an injury or infection.

2.  You’ve had exposure to toxins, such as radiation or chemotherapy.

5 Signs You’re Experiencing Neuropathic Pain

3.  You experience pain from activities that would not normally cause pain, such as putting on a blanket or standing.

4.  Along with pain, you are also experiencing other symptoms such as tingling, weakness, or a gradual onset of numbness.

5.  You’ve become extremely sensitive to touch or heat.

These are just a few of the common symptoms associated with neuropathic pain. While the causes may vary, there is always a solution. At Complete Rehab, we are committed to helping our patients find those solutions.

Our clinic provides patients with an extremely positive and friendly environment where they feel understood and accepted.  Our staff is genuine, caring and solutions focused. We understand all types of neuropathy and we know that no two cases are exactly the same. We carefully tailor our treatments to your needs. While neuropathic pain may be helped or lessened with creams and medications, our therapy treatments work towards solutions and healing.

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