Common Neuropathy Symptoms to Watch Out For

the most common neuropathy symptoms so that you can identify

Here at Complete Rehab, we specialize in treating and alleviating neuropathy symptoms so that our patients can enjoy an increased quality of life. In our experience, many people are unfamiliar with neuropathy and don’t recognize its symptoms, which means that many of those who are dealing with neuropathy don’t seek treatment for it. Our team at Complete Rehab believes that everyone experiencing neuropathy deserves relief, so in this article we’ll be going over some of the most common neuropathy symptoms so that you can identify if you or a loved one is suffering from it and seek help.

  • Numbness and Tingling- One common neuropathy symptom is numbness or tingling in certain areas of the body, particularly in the hands and feet. This happens because the sensory nerves aren’t performing optimally, meaning they can’t relay as much information to the brain.
  • Localized Pain- Another symptom that many neuropathy patients report is sharp, shooting pains, particularly in the legs. These pains can occur out of nowhere, or in response to a stimulus that should not be painful, like a light touch. Such a response happens when dysfunctional nerves produce atypical responses to familiar stimuli.
  • Loss of Balance- Many neuropathy symptoms, such as the pains or numbness described above, occur most frequently in the legs, and they can sometimes cause the sufferer to lose their balance. Another related symptom is the development of an abnormal gait, such as leaning heavily to one side or dragging the feet, caused by similar issues.

We at Complete Rehab hope that this information helps you spot signs of neuropathy in yourself or others, and encourage you to seek treatment if they do occur.