How to Make Medicare Less Confusing: A Beginner’s Guide

Once you reach a certain age, you become eligible for Medicare, a government-funded program that essentially replaces health care insurance once you have decided to retire. You would think that after a long and successful career, you could enjoy your golden years with some relaxation and stress-free days. However, when you have to navigate the Medicare maze, you might be recalling your working days with a little more fondness! There are a few ways that you can make your Medicare journey a little less abstract and confusing, and we here at Complete Rehab have some ideas for you to explore.

when you have to navigate the Medicare maze

First, while the internet can be helpful, don’t discount the advantages of being able to talk to an actual person who can answer questions about your particular situation and healthcare needs. Every state has some experts for just this reason known as SHIP counselors (State Health Insurance Assistance Program). There is also the Area Agency on Aging that can answer questions.

Second, before you get into Medicare questions, take good, honest look at your own health. Has anything changed? Are you taking more or less medications? What are your dietary, exercise and sleep habits like? Once you have an honest view at your own health, you can better determine what kind of coverage you’ll need to be looking for once you start looking through coverage options with Medicare.

Finally, don’t be afraid to ask what is and what isn’t covered by Medicare. For example, many people are pleasantly surprised to learn that our team at Complete Rehab accepts Medicare! As you start looking into Medicare, we hope these tips have been helpful.