If You Suffer from Neuropathy, Then You Need to Know Complete Rehab Is Here to Help You

Complete Rehab clinic is a wonderful option for those who suffer from all different types of neuropathy. Many people with neurological disorders may deal with a great deal of pain, burning, or numbness on a regular basis, suffering these symptoms daily. Chronic pain is not a requirement of neuropathy, as some neuropathies don’t have pain at all. Although many people see a neurologist regularly to monitor and try to slow or control their condition(s), they may not have heard of actually seeking treatment for the cause of their pain/symptoms from a neuropathy specialist trained in identifying what the underlying cause of the reported symptoms may be. Brett Duffey, OTR/L is an occupational therapist who has spent the last 16 years specializing in treating all forms of neuropathy. He has successfully treated more than 3,500 patients with neuropathy over that time span.

 treating all forms of neuropathy

Here at Complete Rehab, we believe that you deserve the best quality of life we can possibly help you achieve. Through using occupational therapy, the latest research in neuropathy, and a combination of modalities to help you manage your pain – we believe that we can help you have a significantly better quality of life than you would just toughing it out or gritting your teeth to survive day-to-day. Our goal is to get you without symptoms and without any medications if possible.

Our clinic is in Clemmons, North Carolina, and Dr. Duffey is dedicated to treating each case as unique with personalized, one-on-one care. He strives to always give the best possible care and offer cutting-edge solutions. Due to our belief that care for your pain, numbness, or other discomfort is just as individual as you are, we encourage you to make an appointment today so we can  improve your quality of life as much as possible. It is unlikely that your peripheral nerve issues will resolve on their own and your issues can even progress. Either way, Complete Rehab is here to help you.