Limiting the Effects of Diabetic Neuropathy

Diabetic neuropathy can lead to many complications, such as foot issues that result in infections, ulcers, and sores due to lost feeling in the feet. The nerve damage caused by diabetic neuropathy can also cause issues with coordination and balance, making fractures and falls more common.

Limiting the Effects of Diabetic Neuropathy

If you have diabetic neuropathy, you may encounter problems that make it difficult for you to get around easily, which means you lose some of your independence. In some cases, the nerve damage may also cause chronic pain, which can result in depression and anxiety.

While you may not be able to prevent diabetic neuropathy in its entirety, the best way to manage your symptoms is to manage your diabetes by staying on top of your blood pressure, blood glucose, and cholesterol levels. You can also take the following steps to keep nerve damage to a minimum:

  • Try to be as physically active as possible
  • Come up with a healthy meal plan and stick to it
  • If you smoke, make a plan to quit
  • Limit alcohol and try to avoid drinking more than one alcoholic beverage per day
  • Take any medications for your diabetes that your doctor prescribes on schedule

While managing the effects of diabetic neuropathy can be discouraging, at Complete Rehab, we are also here to help at our neuropathy clinic that focuses on individualized patient care. We accept Medicare and most other insurances. We do not require a referral in most cases, so please do not hesitate to give us a call just to see if we can treat you with your specific insurance. There is absolutely no obligation to book after calling us with questions about your insurance or your specific symptoms.