Myths About Neuropathy

There is no doubt that the human body is a bit mysterious. Even with all the advancements in medicine in the past couple of centuries, there are still many unknowns. When it is your body and your health in question, you might seek out information so you can have a better understanding. The concern is that there is a fair amount of misinformation out there, so it’s important to discuss your concerns with a professional. Neuropathy is one of those conditions that has far too many myths associated with it. Here are a few myths and the actual facts that you should know.

Myths About Neuropathy

Myth #1: Minor tingling and numbness isn’t something to worry about.

Mild neuropathy symptoms can be a precursor to far more troubling symptoms. The majority of patients who ignore these symptoms often wish they hadn’t when the intense pain sets in that could potentially have been avoided.

Myth #2: Neuropathy is as an age-related issue you can’t do anything about.

Neuropathy is NOT a natural result of aging and shouldn’t be ignored no matter your age. You don’t have to just accept it.

Myth #3: Damaged nerves never regenerate.

Not true. Peripheral nerves can be repaired, and there are many innovative treatment options that are accomplishing exactly that, so don’t suffer thinking there is nothing that can be done.

Myth #4: If your symptoms are different than someone else’s, you don’t have neuropathy.

Just because your pain is different doesn’t mean you don’t have neuropathy. The symptoms can vary widely from one person to the next.

Myth #5: Neuropathy symptoms are only found in the hands and feet.

Your body is filled with hundreds of nerves. Pain that begins in the hands and feet can move elsewhere, and no part of your body is immune to nerve damage or disease.

The main takeaway of this demonstration of neuropathy myths is that you should always seek treatment. Don’t suffer in pain or allow your condition to worsen when there are so many options for treatment available these days. At Complete Rehab, we have an excellent track record for improving conditions in neuropathy patients. Reach out today to learn more.