What Sets Our Neuropathy Clinic Apart

When you’re seeking treatment for a health condition, it’s important to speak with a qualified medical professional who can inform you about the condition itself, what may be causing it, and how to go about treating it for the best long-term results. This is as true for neuropathy as it is for any other condition, disease, or disorder.

What Sets Our Neuropathy Clinic Apart

If you know you’re dealing with neuropathy or you are experiencing its symptoms, one of the best things you can do is turn to a neuropathy specialist instead of just a regular doctor. And if you’re in Clemmons, North Carolina or the surrounding area, you can turn to us at Complete Rehab.

Here’s what sets our neuropathy clinic part:

  • We are compassionate. Everyone who works in our clinic approaches patients with the utmost care and compassion. In addition, our neuropathy specialist has suffered from an accident before and understands the symptoms you are experiencing, so you can benefit from more empathetic service.
  • We are experienced. Our neuropathy clinic has been helping patients since 2005. In fact, over the past 18 years or so that we’ve been in business, we have treated over 3,500 patients with an incredible success rate. We deal with every type of neuropathy (there are 35 types, including 3 dealing with diabetes).
  • We accept Medicare. We can take Medicare as well as most types of insurances (except Medicaid). If your insurance covers physical or occupational therapy, you’ll likely be covered at our neuropathy clinic.

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