Peripheral Neuropathy, Winston-Salem

We have an excellent record for improving or eliminating the debilitating symptoms of peripheral neuropathy.

Did you know that an estimated 20 million Americans suffer from some form of peripheral neuropathy? The sad part is that many accept their limitations because they don’t believe anything can be done other than pain management. The problem with ignoring this condition is that it is not only debilitating, but can also be life-threatening in some cases. Here at Complete Rehab, we want you to know that you do not have to continue suffering with the symptoms related to your peripheral neuropathy.

Peripheral Neuropathy in Winston-Salem, North Carolina

We offer patients in the Winston-Salem, North Carolina area the opportunity for a neurological evaluation, so we can diagnose which type of neuropathy is involved and create an individualized treatment plan that will improve your quality of life. We have worked with roughly 3,000 patients to date in our 13 years of serving our community, and only a rare few have not seen significant improvement or an elimination of discomfort completely.

Because we also try to determine the cause of your peripheral neuropathy, we can usually give you vital information about avoiding the potential for gradual progression and return of symptoms. If your peripheral neuropathy has been caused by such things as exposure to toxins or nutritional deficiencies, rather than inherited, there is an excellent chance your symptoms won’t return if you make the necessary changes to your life.

If you would like to know more about getting relief for your peripheral neuropathy symptoms, please give us a call to schedule an initial consultation. We are confident you will appreciate the very southern, at-home, welcoming vibe you will experience when you visit our clinic.

At Complete Rehab, we assist patients with peripheral neuropathy from Clemmons, Winston-Salem, Greensboro, High Point, Charlotte, Concord, Mooresville, Lewisville, Salisbury, Lexington, Forsyth, Davie, Davidson, Yadkin, Guilford, Wilkes, Surry, and Iredell Counties, North Carolina.