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Neuropathy treatment

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  • Mention this ad and the number 30 when you call us or leave us a message.
  • We  will consult with you to discuss your problems, questions, insurance coverage, etc., and then if you decide to go forward/start treatment with an evaluation, we’ll give you $30 cash.
  • You must complete your first evaluation and agree to continue treatment after the consult.
"While having severe pain and burning in my feet and toes, especially in my right foot and toes, I decided to go see Brett to see if he could help me. I could not stand bed sheets to touch my feet and toes, or to wear shoes at times. I was skeptical, but I decided I had nothing to lose. Although I have been diagnosed with neuropathy, I had seen several specialists and they decided neuropathy was the primary issue. After several treatment visits to Brett, he noticed something that did not look normal going on in my right foot at one of my visits. Although this had been going on for close to two years, a scan was done on my right leg. I had an arterial blockage in my right thigh and was told I could have eventually lost my right leg. I am so glad I did not change my mind about going to see Brett. His keen observation possibly helped save my right leg, and possibly my life. Thank you, Brett!"
-Rick P. (Google 5-star feedback)

This offer applies until we resume normal operations again. Give us a call now!

Special Offer: Save $30