3 Unusual Neuropathy Symptoms that Can be Overlooked

Neuropathy can be defined rather simply as: any symptom arising from one or more of the nerves in the area you are having that symptom. While many types of neuropathy symptoms are described as pain, tingling, numbness or burning, there are over 35 different main types of neuropathies and many of them have neuropathy symptoms that could be mistaken for other diseases. While there are many issues that get misdiagnosed, neuropathy can be especially tricky since so many of the symptoms rely on patient reporting, which can vary from person to person.

neuropathy symptoms are described as pain

Here at Complete Rehab, we work with neuropathy patients of all kinds every day, and we want you to be aware that some of these unusual symptoms can actually be signs of neuropathy. Here are just three.

  1. Sexual dysfunction. Sexual problems often make people uncomfortable, and therefore unlikely to bring the issue up with their doctor. Additionally, sexual dysfunction problems can be blamed on age, stress, or even your diet. They can also be a neuropathy symptom.
  2. Constipation. Everyone will experience constipation in their lifetime and yet not everyone wants to admit to it! While constipation is often explained by many dietary issues, medications, lack of exercise, hydration, and aging, if these do not fit your lifestyle, it might be a neuropathy symptom.
  3. Lightheadedness. Feeling lightheaded can point to low blood pressure, low iron levels and other problems. It might be a symptom of neuropathy, however, if your blood pressure and iron levels are fine.

Here at Complete Rehab, we understand that many of our patients have been misdiagnosed or gone untreated. When you come to us, we will talk to you in the strictest of privacy and confidentiality to help you understand and work on a solution for your neuropathy systems. So please contact us today!