Why Tingling Happens and How Neuropathy Treatments Help

Neuropathy has many symptoms, but tingling can be one of the most frustrating. It can occur in different areas of the body and happen at any time, which can affect your rest or ability to do activities. When tingling is felt in combination with other symptoms, it can also be challenging to determine the cause.

Why Tingling Happens and How Neuropathy Treatments Help

Tingling is a common symptom of neuropathy. It is caused by damage to the nerves located outside of your brain and spinal cord (your peripheral nerves), which can occur due to conditions such as diabetes. The nerves affected by neuropathy perform different jobs in your body, which is why symptoms can vary for different people.

It can be felt in your feet or hands, with the sensation spreading upward into your legs or arms. Tingling can feel like “pins and needles,” sometimes in combination with a burning feeling. If you have ever had your foot fall asleep and experienced the tingling feeling as it wakes up, it is the same sensation but on a chronic basis. Some people find that the symptoms feel worse during the night.

Neuropathy treatments help with tingling by looking for the root cause. Tingling shows that there is an underlying issue impacting your nerve endings, which is where the focus is directed to provide a solution. Since there are different conditions and causes, specific treatments can vary from person to person. Whatever the issue, treatment will aim to alleviate the pain or discomfort caused from tingling.

If you experience tingling, it’s important to seek care as soon as possible. The quicker that the cause can be addressed, the better the chances that your nerve endings can heal. Our team is here to help those dealing with symptoms of neuropathy, with treatment that is individualized for your best care. Reach out to us today to find relief from neuropathy discomfort.