Diabetic Neuropathy, Clemmons, NC

Posted by Clemmons Neuropathy Specialist March 11th, 2024

If you struggle with the symptoms of diabetic neuropathy, we are here to help in Clemmons.

If you have diabetes, you may develop diabetic neuropathy, which can be a type of progressive damage to your nerves. Generally speaking, it occurs because high blood sugar, or glucose, can harm the nerve fibers in your body, particularly in your feet and your legs. Depending on the effect on your nerves, the symptoms of diabetic neuropathy can range from pain and numbness in your limbs to issues with your blood vessels, digestive system, urinary tract, and even your heart. While some people only experience mild symptoms, for others, diabetic neuropathy can be debilitating, disabling, painful, and disheartening.

Diabetic Neuropathy in Clemmons, North Carolina

At Complete Rehab, we realize that diabetic neuropathy is a serious complication related to diabetes, but we also know that you can prevent diabetic neuropathy or slow its symptoms with certain treatment methods and living a healthy lifestyle. There are more than 35 types of neuropathy. Three of them are diabetic-type neuropathies. 80% of people who have neuropathy have one of those three.

It is rare that we are unable to treat or significantly improve patients who come to see us from Clemmons, North Carolina, and we believe in compassionate, patient-focused care. If you are interested in our approach to treating diabetic neuropathy, or other neuropathies, please make an appointment with our office today. We often do not require doctor referrals and even accept Medicare.

Taking Control of Your Diabetic Neuropathy [infographic]

FAQs About Diabetic Neuropathy

At Complete Rehab, we understand that while you know you are experiencing discomfort and pain due to diabetic neuropathy, you may still have any number of questions about what can be done about it. Nobody should have to live with debilitating pain or be left with unanswered questions. On the first note, we’re here to help you see in improvement in your symptoms. On the second note, here are a few frequently asked questions, although you are always encouraged to ask us anything you need to.

Does everyone that has diabetes experience diabetic neuropathy?

No, not everyone. However, you have roughly a 50% chance of developing neuropathies if you are diabetic, and the risk increases to as much as 70% if you aren’t successful in controlling your blood sugar over an extended period of time. It is also important to note that the severity of symptoms can vary widely from one person to another.

In addition to treatment for my diabetic neuropathy, what else can I do?

There are many self-care options that can work together with your treatments. For example, be sure to follow a healthy diet that helps you keep your blood sugar level in a healthy range. You should also be attentive to your blood pressure and weight. We also advise that you refrain from smoking and avoid alcohol.

My pain is severe. Is it too late to get help for my diabetic neuropathy?

We do not believe that anyone should just accept their pain as inevitable and untreatable. Even if your case is advanced and we are unable to give you complete relief, we can at least minimize your pain and make a difference in your quality of life. This can also mean keeping your symptoms from getting worse.

At Complete Rehab, we assist patients with diabetic neuropathy from Clemmons, Winston-Salem, Greensboro, High Point, Charlotte, Concord, Mooresville, Lewisville, Salisbury, Lexington, Forsyth, Davie, Davidson, Yadkin, Guilford, Wilkes, Surry, and Iredell Counties, North Carolina.