Diabetic Neuropathy, Lewisville, NC

About eighty percent of our neuropathy patients have a form of diabetic neuropathy.

If you have been diagnosed with diabetes, you should know that there is a chance you could experience a type of progressive nerve damage known as diabetic neuropathy. This condition is commonly caused by the damage that high blood sugar can cause to the nerve fibers throughout your body, particularly in your limbs (arms, hands, legs, and feet).

Diabetic Neuropathy in Lewisville, North Carolina

There are many different symptoms associated with diabetic neuropathy. The most common ones include pain sensations, numbness and tingling, blood vessel issues, poor circulation, itching, wound healing issues, swelling, and weakness. It can also affect your digestive systems, your urinary tract, and even your heart. Symptoms are different for each person, and that includes the severity of these symptoms, ranging from mild to debilitating.

The good news is that there are ways to slow the progression of these symptoms, and in some cases, to prevent them altogether. We can discuss treatment methods we have found to be successful during our decades of experience with treating diabetic neuropathy, as well as steps you can take to live a healthier lifestyle. Our care is compassionate and completely focused on you, the patient. We will take the time needed to understand your unique needs and experiences with diabetic neuropathy.

We have been helping neuropathy patients near Lewisville, North Carolina since 2005. About eighty percent of our neuropathy patients have a form of diabetic neuropathy, so we have treated thousands of these patients. To start your personal and individualized journey towards healing, call us at Complete Rehab today.

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