Signs You May Have Nerve Damage

Signs You May Have Nerve DamageWhen you experience an injury, it is easy to tell what signs and symptoms are a direct consequence, but when you develop nerve damage, the signs are usually more subtle and the source may be difficult to identify. Nerve damage can develop after an injury, but can also be a result of diabetes, lifestyle choices, vitamin deficiencies, infections, autoimmune conditions, and even medications. Many cases of nerve damage have no known cause but identifying your issue and creating a management plan can increase your quality of life immensely.

While nerve damage can sneak up on you since it usually develops over time, some of the symptoms may be associated with aging or other potential causes. Some of the warning signs that you are experiencing nerve damage are:

  • numbness or tingling (especially in your hands or feet)
  • a feeling of tightness or restriction around your extremities
  • muscle weakness
  • being clumsy, bumping into or dropping things
  • sharp, shooting pains
  • a lightning sensation, or feelings of being electrically shocked

While these are some of the symptoms of nerve damage, they can vary and manifest in different ways for each person affected. The symptoms can range from mild to debilitating and finding a way to manage and treat your nerve damage can have a big impact on your quality of life.

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