Why You Might Be Feeling Sharp Pain in Your Hands or Feet

If you have been waking up in the middle of the night due to sharp pain in your hands or feet, one of the first things you’re probably going to do is look up your symptoms online to determine what may be causing them. And now that you’re here, we’re here to discuss one possible cause: peripheral neuropathy. Of course, there are other possible causes of your pain, such as arthritis, carpel tunnel syndrome, or lupus, but sharp pain in your hands or feet is a major common symptom of neuropathy.

Why You Might Be Feeling Sharp Pain in Your Hands or Feet

What Is Neuropathy and What Causes It?

Neuropathy refers to the conditions involving damage to your central nervous system. Your nervous system may become damaged due to a fall, an accident, a sport, or even a medical procedure, which often leads to a shooting, stabbing pain in your hands or feet. But it doesn’t always take an injury to trigger it. Neuropathy can also be caused by autoimmune diseases, infections, diabetes, kidney disease, liver disease, and more.

Understanding Sharp Pain

The sharp pain you experience may be the result of direct damage to your brain or to the nerves that carry the messages to signal pain to your brain. In addition, everyone experiences this pain differently. For some people, the sharp pain may occur intermittently. For others, it may be chronic and severe. Either way, it’s important to see a doctor to address the cause of your neuropathy before it can get worse and make it more of a challenge to heal.

If you are experiencing sharp pain (or dull pain) in your hands or feet, contact us at Complete Rehab. Our neuropathy clinic can set you on the right path to healing.